Odd Product Hall of Fame: Cheers To You!

The Marketing Smart Aleck is accustomed to hearing applause and expressions of universal approval wherever he goes but, sadly, most people don’t get to experience that kind of affirmation. At least they didn’t before the Cheers To You! CD burst onto the scene…

Remember how inconvenient it was back in the old days, when if you wanted praise you had to go through the hassle of actually accomplishing something, or at least trying your hardest? No more! Now all America’s losers, half-assers and slack-jawed also-rans need to do is pop in a convenient $25 CD and listen to throngs of people cheering them on and an enthusiastic voice in their ears telling them how awesome they are — all from the comfort of their Cheeto-stained couches.

If there’s ever been a more perfect gift for the Entitlement Generation, we have yet to come across it. And for that reason, Cheers To You! has earned a place in the Odd Product Hall of Fame. (The plaque will be displayed on a mantle filled with participation trophies, no doubt.) And don’t forget…Hoooo-ray for yoooou!!!

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