Odd Product Hall of Fame: Sauna Pants

The infomercial for this product pretty much speaks for itself…

Still, after watching it, the OPHOF voters were left with some lingering questions:

  1. Don’t the people in this commercial seem curiously happy while adjusting their control knobs?
  2. Is the woman looking in the mirror at 0:47 wearing the Sauna Pants under her dress? It kinda looks like she might be. That can’t be a good idea, can it?
  3. The guy at 1:09 makes us snicker every time. That’s not a question but it needed to be said.
  4. When the voice-over announcer says the word “sauna” does it remind anyone else of the chorus from this classic novelty song?…

So many unanswered questions. And perhaps becuse that sense of lingering mystery, Sauna Pants have earned a spot in the Odd Product Hall of Fame…just as long as they promise to not to wear those sweaty things to the induction ceremony.

2 thoughts on “Odd Product Hall of Fame: Sauna Pants

  1. Crotchpot cookin’!

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