RetroAnalysis: Frozen Creamy Love

Are you stuck at the eleventh hour on Valentine’s Day, trying to find a last minute Valentine’s Gift for your sweetie? If so, what in the name of Hallmark are you doing reading this blog instead of  shopping for cards or flowers or Vermont Teddy Bears or something?

The Marketing Smart Aleck can’t help you with your needs now, but 30 years ago, your problem could have been solved with four simple words: Carvel Ice Cream Cake. Unconvinced? Just click on the video below,  let the music melt your heart and behold the quickest way to win a fair lady’s love back in the day…

But that was then and this is now. Tom Carvel isn’t around to save you. The “Ice Cream Bakery” he used to have in your town has probably gone out of business and been converted into a cell phone store. But while you’re sleeping on the couch tonight, still feeling the chill of the cold shoulder she gave you when you came home with the box of discount chocolates from the dollar store, you can at least dream about the special Valentine’s Day “Cookie Puss” cake (shown at 0:09 in the commercial) and know that you have gazed upon the face of Love itself.


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