Higher Education Trends: Rethinking MOOCs

Although I haven’t written about it (yet) on this blog, one of my major professional areas of focus is higher education, both as a market research consultant to a number of colleges and universities and as a part-time faculty member. Here is a piece I wrote for The Research Bunker Blog about a higher education topic I have been following with great interest — the future of MOOCs.

The Research Bunker

Over the past year or so, The Research Bunker Blog has been tracking the development of massive online open courses (MOOCs) and their impact on higher education. Much has been written about the ups and downs of the course format during that time, and the future at this point is still very uncertain. In the midst of that uncertainty and some of the lingering concerns, a new piece in Inc.  entitled “Digital Education, Yes. MOOCs? Let’s Think it Through,” by Rita Gunther McGrath argues that it’s time to rethink the MOOC model and some of the (possibly dubious) assumptions that went into it.

Should we be rethinking MOOCs? Should we be rethinking MOOCs?

McGrath points out that MOOC enrollments and completion levels have not met expectations and generally that MOOCs have failed to live up to the initial hype that surrounded them.  In that regard, she asserts that MOOCs suffer from the same underlying problems…

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