The Inseparability of Services | Marketing Concepts

This is a piece I wrote for the RMS Research Bunker Blog about a basic concept that service-based businesses should (but don’t always) keep in mind.

The Research Bunker

In addition to working as an analyst at RMS, I am an adjunct faculty member at the SUNY Oswego School of Business. This semester, I am teaching a section of a course called Marketing Principles. One great thing about teaching an introductory course is that it requires me to think a lot about the basics of marketing. Every week I get to take a fresh look at the foundational concepts that I had come to take for granted over the years and think about how they apply to our clients at RMS. That happened last night when I was reviewing the course textbook and came across the section that talked about a concept called the inseparability of services.

inseparability of services Your Product is our People

Inseparability refers to the idea that in a customer’s mind, a service is essentially indistinguishable from the person providing it. This is another way of saying…

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