Odd Product Hall of Fame: Jelly Bean Milk

Looking for the perfect beverage to serve with that big Easter Sunday feast? You might have dismissed milk as an option because it’s boring and it has no obvious holiday tie-in.  If so, you would be wrong on both counts.

Hiland Dairy has recently introduced three new Easter-themed milks: Easter Egg Nog, Chocolate Marshmallow and Jelly Bean. The first two seem like fairly predictable product extensions, but Jelly Bean flavored milk? That’s, um…a bold choice, to say the least.

The question is, what kind of jelly bean is the milk supposed to taste like? We at the Marketing Smart Aleck blog might sample something based on a red or orange jelly bean. Green or purple would be pushing it. We’d rather be waterboarded than drink milk that tasted like a black jelly bean. And don’t even get us started on those disgusting spiced jelly beans.

But of course, the Odd Product Hall of Fame doesn’t exist to pass judgment on how a product might taste. We’re here to recognize those products that go above and beyond when it comes to oddness. Based on that consideration, Hiland Dairy’s Jelly Bean Milk has more than earned its induction into the OPHOF. We happily drink a toast to their success! (As long as we don’t have to put their product in the goblet because, seriously, it sounds beyond gross.)


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