Intercept Interviewing | Mickey Mouse Style

Where does the Marketing Smart Aleck go on vacation? Why, to the The Most Marketing-est Place On Earth, of course! This post from the RMS Research Bunker Blog recounts the market research lessons from my recent trip to Walt Disney World.

The Research Bunker

I’m always thinking about market research, even when I’m on vacation. During my most recent vacation, I wound up thinking about it a lot. Last week, my family and I visited the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  During our stay, I noticed that the Disney Research team had a very strong contingent of intercept survey interviewers out in all of the various parks as well as in the Downtown Disney shopping area. My wife and I were each approached by interviewers several times and there were perhaps half a dozen occasions when I passed by interviewers surveying other people.

Cinderella's Castle

Disney conducting intercept surveys at their parks did not surprise me, but the sheer volume of activity naturally caught my attention. And of course, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the research because I was curious to see how a huge, global organization approached something that is…

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